Hello, i am Débora!

Hello! My name is Débora and I’m 27 years old. I am currently studying journalism and communication. I recently move from Brussels to Berlin and in the past years I also lived in Luxembourg and Portugal. I speak Portuguese, French, Spanish, English and I find myself currently taking German language classes at B1 level.

Tutoring is also part of my skills, I would approach the tutoring and your child´s care in a fun and educational way, based on the interests and activities that you will tell me, so that I can fully adapt to your needs. In my free time I enjoy being in nature, I often go for long walks in the park or bike tours.

The bed time it’s a very important moment. Lots of times kids don’t want to go sleep and to make them go to bed I would propose them to read a story, they can even choose the characters, I would ask them to try to close their eyes and try to imagine the characters and create a very calm environment and tell the story in a very calm way. Being surrounded by kids can be very enriched we never stop learning and kids can teach us a lot if things like patience, ask ourselves questions and try to find answers, being curious, use our imagination and never stop dreaming. Kids change our way to see things and give us a reason to fight for what we believe in and never give up. They make us happy and give us love.

My favourite moment to spend with the kids is playing time. I feel like it is one of the
most important times of the day. They exercise, socialize, express themselves and learn
while having fun.

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