Hello, i am Alex!

I’m Alex – an experienced British nanny and student filmmaker living in Berlin.

In my free time I love to run, enjoy parks and nature, to read and tell stories. I believe that routine is as important for children as fun… Reading a book together and creating a calm and reassuring atmosphere is how I get my children to go to bed. I grew up as the eldest of four kids, have nannied extensively for children under ten, and have taught English to teens, so I know how to be a reassuring and respected as well as a fun sitter. I love how refreshing children’s questions can be – how they can remind us adults to stay curious and humourful. I feel super lucky to work with children, to be there to answer and engage with those questions!

Auch wenn mein Deutsch noch nicht perfekt ist, macht es mir Spaß mit Kindern reden und mich dabei zu verbessern.

I couldn’t pick one single best nannying moment… the best moments are being trusted and helping each child learn and be happy. I can also help your children to learn and understand an authentic British accent.

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